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Enterprise India is an initiative which was set up to facilitate the global expansion of Indian companies and  to connect traditional Indian hubs of manufacturing, technology, automobile, pharmaceuticals, education, fashion and retail with similar hubs around the world. 

The first phase of this project focuses on interconnecting the three most famous technology hubs by the concept of "Global Silicon triangle". 


India is a land of opportunity that places premium on enterprise and creativity...I invite you to make use of the investment and business opportunities that India now offers. This is the time for all of us to become strategic partners in India’s progress.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India 

Global Silicon Triangle

The Global Silicon Triangle, part of Enterprise India, is a global technological sharing initiative responsible for the exchange of the development, sharing and exchange of technology and technical expertise between the three most famous hubs for technology companies in  America, Europe and Asia i.e. Silicon Valley of California, Silicon Roundabout of London and Silicon Plateau of Bangalore. This triangle is known for the extraordinary wealth of technology and technical expertise in each of the three regions. 

It aims to create a tech entrepreneurial hub inter connecting the 3 main technology clusters and assists companies and individuals considering to locate or to business in the Silicon triangle by providing infrastructure support, human resource support and by facilitating introductions to the government and business community.

Enterprise India’s Global Silicon triangle is positioned as the first point of contact for enterprises who are interested in start-up, expansion, relocation, tech development, technology sharing and technical expertise within the Global Silicon triangle. 


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